Your Artists’ Journey Can Offer Enjoyable Structure

Your Artists’ Journey

Finding Your Voice and Style Through a Daily Art Practice | with Mentor Mike Brennan

Program Description

Do you struggle with the thought of finding your voice as an artist?

Do you wish you would stumble upon your style as an artist already?

Maybe you’ve been away from your art for a long time
and you’re hoping for a creative comeback?

Or, you struggle with creating consistently?

I get it, because I’ve been there. And, I’d love to help you by sharing how I found my voice and style through a daily art making habit and practice.

Join me as I unpack lessons from my 365 day consecutive day art making journey spanning the past four years (over 2,000 pieces and counting. Yes, math wizards, I doubled up some days...).

In this course, you will learn:

• How to combat common fears and excuses
• How to gain and keep momentum
• Helpful tools, supplies, and methods

I’ll even let you take a peek into my personal sketchbooks, as well as share some key books and resources that were instrumental in my own journey. All this with the goal of helping you establish a daily art practice where your voice and style can emerge.

My goal is to help equip you for your own 365 day journey, by breaking it down to bite sized steps. By the end of this course, if you’ve applied the methods and principles I share, you will have successfully established a daily art making habit that will lead to you finding your style and voice.

Daily Time Required: All you need to start is 5 to 10 minutes a day, set aside to your art making.

Materials needed: pens, pencils, and a sketchbook. You can add any art supplies you have along the way. Start simple!

Going on this journey has led to me discovering a new style and topic plus a surprising twist to getting new exposure for my art. I will tell you all the details inside the course.

Ready to begin your journey with me?

Great! I will meet you in the course...

Mike Brennan
Instructor, The Artists’ Mentor

Mike  Brennan
Mike Brennan
Instructor, Artist

Mike Brennan is a New Jersey based, multifaceted artist. A graphic designer by trade, he also creates mixed media, watercolor, and digital paintings. Mike recently completed a fourth year of 365 consecutive days of a daily drawing/painting project (somewhere around 2,500 pieces!! He doubled up!). It was during this practice he learned the secret of discovering one's voice, and developing an artists signature style. He loves to come alongside other artists and share what he's learned from his own experiences.

Program Details

How To Navigate This Course (video)
Welcome Message (video)
Welcome Message (text)
Course Feedback
1: Introduction
The Journey (video)
The Journey (transcript)
Your Travel Guide (video)
Your Travel Guide (transcript)
Discussion Area
2: Plan Your Trip
Traffic Jams & Detours (video)
Traffic Jams & Detours (transcript)
Assessing the Maps (video)
Assessing the Maps (transcript)
Wheels Up (video)
Wheels Up (transcript)
Discussion Area
3: Road Trip
Practical Pathway 1 (video)
Practical Pathway 1 (transcript)
Practical Pathway 2 (video)
Practical Pathway 2 (transcript)
Landmarks (video)
Landmarks (transcript)
Off Roading (video)
Off Roading (transcript)
Traveling Buddies (video)
Traveling Buddies (transcript)
Mile Markers (video)
Mile Markers (transcript)
Discussion Area
4: Rest Stop
Under the Hood: My Sketchbook (video)
Resources (video)
Under the Hood: Tools 1 (video)
Under the Hood: Tools 2 (video)
Under the Hood: Sketchbooks (video)
Discussion Area
5: Into the Great Wide Open
Closing Thoughts
6: Downloadable Resources
Your Artists’ Journey Theme Planner
Your Artists’ Journey Course Transcript
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