Your Art Biz Refresh + Refocus Online Retreat (Live)

Your Art Biz Refresh + Refocus Retreat and Community (Live)

Discover and Ignite the Spark of Joy in Your Art Biz | with Mentor Bonnie Glendinning

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Program Details

❋ Welcome + Overview
★ Welcome
★ About Bonnie
★ Retreat Facebook Group
★ Tools and Techniques
★ Support and Additional Resources
★ Copyright & Disclaimer
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❋ The Art of Being An Artist
★ You Are Being Called
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❋ Day 1
★ Claim Your Space
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❋ Day 2
★ Clear Your Path
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❋ Day 3
★ Ask For More
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❋ Day 4
★ Allow Yourself
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❋ Day 5
★ Be Bold & Thrive
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❋ What Else Is Possible...
★ What Else Is Possible...
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Program Description

A Live 5 Day Online Retreat to Discover and Ignite the Spark of Joy in Your Art Biz.

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Bonnie Glendinning
Bonnie Glendinning
Founder, Mentor, Instructor

Bonnie Glendinning, founder of The Artists’ Mentor, The Thriving Artist and Artmuse®, provides education, programs, platforms and brand mentorship for professional artists. As an artist, designer and entrepreneur herself, her mission is to empower artists to create their artistic legacy.