Periscope For Your Art Biz Success by The Thriving Artist

Periscope For Your Art Biz Success

Your In Depth Guide To Using Twitter’s Livestreaming App Like A Pro | with Mentor Bonnie Glendinning

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Program Description

Periscope is Twitter’s tool that has exploded onto the Internet’s live streaming scene and is a no-obstacle way to interact real time with your audience.

I would be happy to show you how to use Periscope as your new go-to marketing tool to interact real time with your audience. In the course, you will learn how to:

  • Engage with your audience
  • Increase your followers
  • Share your story with your collectors
  • Develop the know, like, trust factor with your peeps
  • Strengthen your brand and customer experience
  • Create content to repurpose many times over
  • Sell your art, services, and products strategically

Go from zero to PRO with this in-depth guide covering setup, broadcasting, and strategies to integrate Periscope into your marketing calendar. The bonus materials include a planner, topic workbook, pro tools & equipment, and successful scoping sequence.

To help you even further, these bonus materials are included:

  • How to save your scopes to use again
  • Broadcast planner
  • What to scope about workbook
  • Pro tools & equipment list
  • Broadcast checklist
  • A successful scoping sequence

In just a couple of hours, you can complete this narrated, self-paced course. You will get immediate, lifetime access including all videos, transcripts, and downloadable PDF’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I care about Periscope? I don’t have time for it.
It’s Twitter’s new live streaming service and this is your chance to establish yourself early on the platform. It is a strategic tool to grow your art business with new followers and engage with your customers. I even show you how to repurpose your scopes in Periscope For Your Art Biz Success (saving you time on your marketing content).

How will Periscope really work for me?
There are many ways to connect with your audience, but, none compares to connecting live. Since you are probably short on time to meet everyone in person, Periscope is the next best option. They get to learn more about you, your inspirations, philosophy, studio practice, and, of course, your art.

I am shy. There’s no way I could be on screen!
I am shy too, but, decided I didn’t have anything to lose. Truthfully, I did screw up on my first scope and just deleted it, learned, and jumped on again. Shockingly, I really enjoyed it and loved engaging with my audience live. Each time I got better, more comfortable, and, eventually was hooked on it.

I don’t have enough followers.
You do not need to have any followers to begin, or, even use Twitter. The more you scope, the more followers you will get. Your followers will relate to you and cheer you on because you are being you. I provide specific strategies for you to increase engagement and followers in the course.

Can I scope instead of blogging?
I hear ya! It definitely takes me longer than I want to craft the right tone and words for a blog post. This is why I love Periscope! I can be more relaxed, spontaneous, and casual than when I am writing. And, I can repurpose my scopes for a blog, emails, and social media.

What do I scope about?
You definitely have something to scope about. In the course, I have a workbook for you to figure out all kinds of topics for you to scope on. Plus, I give you a broadcast checklist and scoping content formula to follow. I provide all the tools you need to be a successful scoper.

I don’t want to mess with the tech.
This is one of my favorite reasons I love Periscope. It is by far the best no-obstacle, tech-easy, on-the-go, real-time engagement social media tool I know of. You only need your smart device and wi-fi. That’s it. I take you step-by-step from installing the app to confidently scoping within a few hours. Really, you could be scoping today!

What results will I get?
This depends on what your goals are. In my case, every time I scope I get more email subscribers, members in the private group, and inquiries for consulting. Your goals might be similar to mine or to get sales of your art. In the course, I provide a strategic scope sequence and how to integrate any calls to action (CTA) that you want.

How can I get more help to build my art biz?
The Art Biz Jumpstart System contains six self-paced modules (including Periscope for Your Art Biz Success). Each module intended to guide you through the process of understanding if and how pursuing an art career is right for you personally, creatively, and financially.
  • Module 1 — How To Go Part or Full Time As An Artist
  • Module 2 — How To Get Started Without Resources
  • Module 3 — How To Network and Get Clients
  • Module 4 — Branding, Marketing, and PR for Artists
  • Module 5 — Periscope for Your Art Biz Success
  • Module 6 — Designing An Abundant Life
This complete system is valued at $518 but is offered at a bundled price of only $197 — saving you $341. Get immediate lifetime access here: Art Biz Jumpstart System

What is The Thriving Artist all about?
Two years ago I started on a path — you could even call it a quest — to help artists like you thrive in their art career. I had experienced my own detours on my path to being an artist and understood the frustrations first hand. I decided to find the most sought after mentors, experts, and artists to learn the how’s and why’s of their success and produced The Thriving Artist Summit. I really didn’t know where this quest would take me. To date it has inspired and educated thousands of artists (140,000+ downloads) around the world (over 90 countries). I have become friends with over 50 amazing mentors. And — stay tuned — I have more in store for us!

Bonnie Glendinning
Bonnie Glendinning
Founder, Mentor, Instructor

Bonnie Glendinning, founder of The Artists’ Mentor, The Thriving Artist and Artmuse®, provides education, programs and brand mentorship for professional artists. As an artist, designer and entrepreneur herself, her mission is to empower artists to create their artistic legacy.

Have questions? Ask Bonnie here:

Program Details

Welcome + Overview
How To Navigate Through This Course
Welcome Message
Support & Additional Resources
Course Feedback
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Intro: Narrated by Bonnie Glendinning
Copyright Notice
Hey There!
About The Thriving Artist
Our Community
Join Us!
What Is Periscope?
Periscope Is So New That...
How Does Periscope Work?
Why Start With Periscope?
Why Use Periscope Now?
Table of Contents
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Module 1: App Overview & Setup
Module 1: Narrated by Bonnie Glendinning
Periscope Interface Overview Narrated by Bonnie Glendinning
Module 1
Copyright Notice
Equipment Needed
Installing Periscope
Activating Your Account
Choosing Your Username
Your Profile & Bio
Interface Overview: Start Screen
Interface Overview: Map View
Interface Overview: List View
Interface Overview: Start Broadcast
Interface Overview: Start Broadcast (cont'd)
Interface Overview: People Icon
Interface Overview: People Icon (cont'd)
Your Settings
How To Find Who To Follow
How To Watch A Scope
How To Participate In A Scope
How To Comment On A Scope
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Module 2: Broadcasting
Module 2: Narrated by Bonnie Glendinning
Copyright Notice
Title Your Broadcast
How To Start Broadcast
How To Flip The Camera
Portrait or Landscape?
How Long Should A Scope Be?
How Often Should You Scope?
What Are Hearts?
How To End A Broadcast
How To Delete A Broadcast
Before You Broadcast Checklist
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Module 3: Strategies
Module 3: Narrated by Bonnie Glendinning
Copyright Notice
Power of Periscope
Leveraging Your Scopes
The #1 Thing You MUST Do
What Do You Scope About?
The 3-Act Structure
Sample Scope Sequence
You Gotta Ask! Call To Action (CTA) Ideas
More CTA's and Engagement Ideas
How To Get Followers & Promote Your Scope
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Bonus Materials
Bonus Materials: Narrated by Bonnie Glendinning
Copyright Notice
Bonus #1: Save Your Broadcasts
How To Save Your Scopes
How To Save Your Scopes To Your Computer
Bonus #2: Pro Tools
Optional Equipment
Optional Equipment (cont'd)
Optional Equipment (cont'd)
Broadcast Planner
Successful Scope Sequence
Before You Broadcast Checklist
Bonus #3: What Do I Scope About Workbook
Workbook Part 1
Workbook Part 2
Workbook Part 3
Workbook Part 4
Workbook Part 5
Bonus #4: Scopers To Follow
Scopers To Follow
Periscope Updates
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Course PDF's for Download
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Bonus Materials
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Discussion Area
Discussion for Periscope for Your Art Biz Success
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