Your Art Biz Refresh + Refocus Retreat and Community (Live)

Discover and Ignite the Spark of Joy in Your Art Biz | with Mentor Bonnie Glendinning

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Program Details

❋ Welcome + Overview
★ Welcome
★ About Bonnie
★ Retreat Facebook Group
★ Tools and Techniques
★ Support and Additional Resources
★ Copyright & Disclaimer
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❋ The Art of Being An Artist
★ You Are Being Called
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❋ Day 1
★ Claim Your Space
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❋ Day 2
★ Clear Your Path
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❋ Day 3
★ Ask For More
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❋ Day 4
★ Allow Yourself
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❋ Day 5
★ Be Bold & Thrive
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❋ What Else Is Possible...
★ What Else Is Possible...
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Program Description

A Live 5 Day Online Retreat to Discover and Ignite the Spark of Joy in Your Art Biz.

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Bonnie Glendinning
Bonnie Glendinning
Founder, Mentor, Instructor

Bonnie Glendinning, Founder of The Artists’ Mentor and The Thriving Artist, is an Artist Coach and Mentor. Reaching thousands of artists with her professional artist courses and programs, she empowers artists like you to live and work prosperously with her 25+ years in art, design, branding, and marketing.